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Marilyn Bishop Shaw | Author of children's books and historical non-fiction
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Marilyn Bishop Shaw’s writing is largely influenced by her family heritage and travel experiences. These two influences have given her a wide range of interests, as well, which often find themselves woven into her writing. Her friends often say they hear her as they read. Strangers ask how she comes up with her ideas and twists and turns in the story lines. She usually responds, “I hear voices . . .“ Maybe we can find her somewhere between the familiar and the mystical!

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In Another Time
In Another Time by Marilyn Bishop Shaw

Follow architect Gennifer Thomas Bynam

in her pursuit to find her true spirit

in this piece of historical fiction.

Solomon by Marilyn Bishop Shaw

Solomon and his parents, newly freed slaves, are

building a homestead in Florida’s wilderness.

Marilyn’s first novel.

Man ‘Most Grown
Man 'Most Grown by Marilyn Bishop Shaw

This realistic depiction of the Freeman family

homesteading in “real or forgotten Florida”

takes the reader back in time.

What book lovers are saying…